Lots of people make new year’s resolutions on all kinds of topics. But sometimes those goals are difficult to attain or unrealistic. There are some things, however, you can do that will significantly improve your health. You may not be able to or want to do all five of the suggestions below, but if you choose just one of them and make it part of your new routine, you can improve your health.

If you want to do something that will significantly improve your health, here are our top five recommendations:

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be very difficult for some people, but let’s face it: smoking is not good for you. Even if you have smoked for a long time, quitting will immediately improve your health. Take advantage of some of the aids that are available: nicotine replacement gum or patches, psychotherapy, online support groups, and books. There is plenty of support available for those who would like to quit.

Be More Social

Believe it or not, the single biggest predictor of longevity may be your social life. According to developmental psychologist, Dr. Susan Pinker, being sociable, and interacting with people is very important for both our physical and mental health.

One way you can make this change is moving into a senior community where you will lots of like-minded individuals and plenty of organized activities. However, no matter where you live, talk to others. Interact with others, and make socializing an important part of your day.

Eat Better

When we say eat better, we mean eat less sugar, less processed foods, and eat more plant-based foods. Reach for an apple or an orange instead of a bag of chips. Eat more salad. Make an effort to eat foods that are closer to their original state, like nuts and dried fruits.

Certainly, enjoy your holiday season, but we really don’t need all the candy and treats that we will see over the holidays. You will feel better if you eat a more plant-based and less processed diet.

Sleep Enough

If you regularly are not getting enough sleep, make an effort to practice some sleep hygiene. That means cutting back on computer and television time in the few hours before bed. It means cutting back on caffeine, and going to bed at the same time every night. Most of us walk around carrying a lot of sleep debt and never catch up. Sleep is important for everything in your body and your mind. Make sleep a priority for you. You will look and feel better.

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