The Assisted living community in Red Deer is an excellent option for senior residences who require a moderate degree of care. If the time has come to consider moving into assisted living, you may need to assess the needs of the senior to see if assisted living is the right option, or if there are more specialized services are needed. Here are some indicators to look for to determine if assisted living is right for you, or for your loved one.


Assisted living communities require that residents are somewhat mobile, and can move and get around on their own. These communities are often not equipped to handle seniors who are bedridden, or in some cases, wheelchair bound.

State of Mind

Seniors living in assisted living communities should be in a state of mind to be mostly independent. While they may require physical care or help with certain day-to-day activities, seniors with advanced Alzheimer’s or Dementia would not be suitable candidates for assisted living, and instead should look into dedicated care communities specialized for this population.

Ongoing Medical Conditions

If you or your loved one has chronic medical conditions, often assisted living communities are not the preferred location for continuous care. Assisted living seniors residences are often able to provide care with non-medical activities, such as bathing and dressing, but unable to provide specific medical care.

The best assessment of your needs for assisted living would be to visit an assisted living community in Red Deer and see if it is right for you or your loved one.