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4 Winter Fall Protection Tips for Seniors in Red Deer

Posted on February 26th, 2020

Seniors in an independent living community in Red Deer know all too well about the cold, icy Red Deer winters. The frigid temperatures not only pose a risk for seniors brave enough to venture outside but the ice and snow also pose a serious risk for falls and devastating injuries. Staying cooped up inside for months is not a suitable answer for the winter hazards, so enjoy the outdoors during the beautiful Red Deer Winter by following these four fall protection tips:

  1. Allow Time and Avoid Rushing

One of the most common reasons seniors may slip, and fall is when due care is not given due to rushing. Whether you are meeting friends for nearby coffee or heading to a doctor’s appointment, giving yourself plenty of time and avoiding rushing is important.

  1. Wear Appropriate Footwear

It is also important to make sure you choose and wear footwear that is best suited to the icy conditions. Choose a pair of shoes or boots with a dome with a rough texture that is best designed for extra friction when walking on slippery surfaces. This will best help avoid avoidable falls.

  1. Use Additional Support

You may benefit from additional support in winter conditions that you may not normally need. This could be a cane or a walker. These will help you maintain balance and give extra support while navigating more treacherous terrain.

  1. Concentrate on Each Step

Our last tip is to concentrate on each step. Look ahead to see what is coming up and avoid areas that look more treacherous, such as uncleared snow or visible ice patches. While walking, focus on each step, bringing your foot down slowly and placing it flat on the ground before moving your other foot.

Follow these steps to help you stay safe and continue to enjoy your supportive living community in Red Deer not only this winter but for many to come.