Embracing Change

Posted on July 30th, 2021

Change is an inevitable part of life. Mother Nature changes every season. Babies change from the moment they are born and slowly start crawling, walking, and talking. If change is so natural, why is it sometimes difficult to deal with?

Many experts suggest most humans are apprehensive about change, and we do what we can to avoid it. As we age, change can often feel overwhelming. We may experience changes in our bodies, health, careers, relationships, and living environments. Sometimes change is forced upon us and can be challenging to accept. The pandemic, for example, caused unexpected changes for everyone. You may be dealing with changes from the pandemic, changes in your health, or considering moving into a new living arrangement. Despite the fear that comes with change, there are many healthy ways to embrace it.


Neuroscientists have found that perspective has a significant impact on how we experience and navigate change. Denying, fearing, and dreading change will only lead to more negative experiences. A positive mental attitude is the key to embracing change. Learning to accept changes as they come is much easier than avoiding them. Remember that there is no end to change; there will never be a time in our lives when it stops. Like the seasons, change will come, whether in the external environment or your personal life. It is how you respond that makes all the difference in your experience.

New Beginnings

Change is not new to you. Consider how you handled (or didn’t handle) change well in the past. What can you learn from those experiences and how can you apply them to your current situation? Change can be an excellent opportunity for new beginnings. If your health situation has changed, consider other options you might enjoy to get your body moving and your heart pumping, like yoga or taking virtual fitness classes. Moving into a new living environment might be your reality and may feel overwhelming. Optima Living communities are built around providing you with the support and amenities you need to live life to the fullest. A new living arrangement allows you to meet great new friends and start new hobbies. 


Even if you do have a great outlook, change is still challenging. Keeping control of certain areas in your life is essential to healthy change. Controlling your diet, exercise habits, and mental attitude will help you navigate change easier. If you are considering changing your living arrangements, remember that home is not where you live: home is where you are. You likely moved in your life when you became an adult, got married, or took a new job. What did you do then to start a new home, and how can you apply that to your new environment? 


Change can bring many emotions, and finding a healthy way to express your feelings is vital. First, acknowledge there is grief associated with change. Allow yourself to grieve the change and give yourself permission to feel and release those emotions. Speaking to a doctor, your family, or a partner can help you talk through the emotional side of change. Journalling about your feelings, sending letters to friends or loved ones, or writing memoirs will help you remember the past as you embrace the future. Regardless of who you talk or express yourself to, releasing your emotions will help you positively move through change in your life.

As you face change in your life, how do you navigate and embrace change?

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