Feeling lonely as we age is not an uncommon occurrence. The reality is that as we age, family members move out of the home, and on with their lives. Friends, family and loved ones may have passed away, and getting around to social events becomes more difficult. While common, loneliness does not have to be the reality, and there are some ways to deal with loneliness as we age in senior care in Red Deer.

Take Advantage of Clubs and Groups

One of the great things about senior living are all of the clubs and groups that are available for seniors. These groups are a great way to meet some new people, and give yourself some social interaction in an enjoyable environment.

Find Volunteer Opportunities

There may be volunteer opportunities out there that you could sign up for. Volunteering not only gives back to the community and helps out, but also is a way to meet many new people, and enjoy conversation and interaction. Volunteering is also fulfilling work, making you feel great about yourself.

Enjoy a Hobby

Having a hobby is a great way to ward of loneliness. Hobbies give purpose and enjoyment to people, and finding a new, or renewing an old hobby is a great way to spend your time. Not only will it keep you moving and your brain engaged, but you may even meet like minded individuals with the same interests, sparking new friendships.

Work on your health

When we feel lonely, we tend to ignore our health and well-being. This is a downward spiral, as when health deteriorates, it makes it more difficult to find new social interaction, making the cycle continue. By focusing on your health by exercising, doing yoga, or any other number of activities, you will not only start to feel better, but also feel more positive and in control of your life, helping with those feelings of loneliness and isolation.

You do not have to feel alone. If you are feeling lonely as you age, make sure you reach out for help, and find ways to overcome it. You have worked hard all your life, and deserve to have fulfilling and enjoyable senior years.