The Holidays are an especially important time of year to take time out from your busy schedule and visit with loved ones in Red Deer residential Care. Red Deer senior assisted living always sees a spike in visitor traffic during the holiday season, which is important as visits from loved ones can help seniors to feel less depressed. If you plan to visit a loved one this holiday season, here are some ways to make sure you get the most out of your visits.

Plan Ahead

Setting a date and time to visit helps to make sure that the resident of the care community is expecting you, and will not be caught unaware, or be in the middle of a meal or other activity. This can also be a chance to plan a visit around a special event or activity that may be taking place, letting this be shared with each other.

Find the Right Length of Time to Visit for.

This can be difficult, as there are many factors to consider when deciding how long a visit should last. You will want to be cognizant  and mindful of how your loved one is feeling, and what their energy level is. Having a visit that is too short can be disrespectful and disappointing, but too long may be too draining. Make sure you stay aware of how the visit is going.

Smaller Groups are Better

Another thing to consider is making sure your visit is not too overwhelming for the resident. Having a large, loud group come visit at once can quickly overwhelm and even stress out your loved one. Visiting in groups of one or two is not only less demanding, but can also make for a more meaningful conversation and interactions.

Of course, make sure that you make it clear you are glad to be there, visiting and spending time with our loved ones. Be aware of your body language, and make sure your attention is on the loved one you are visiting. Do not forget to turn your cell phone on silent, and leave it alone. Above all, enjoy your holiday visits with your loved ones in assisted living.