Moving a parent or relative out of the home and into a care environment is always a difficult decision. Here are some of the signs that indicate that a move would be a good idea. This is never black and white. It is usually a combination of things that make it necessary for someone with dementia to go into care.


If you are the caregiver, are you getting enough sleep? It is not uncommon for those suffering from dementia to be awake at night. It will be impossible for you to watch someone with dementia all night, and then be up or work all day. You, the caregiver, need a reasonable amount of sleep. If you can never sleep because you are busy watching someone with dementia, then it may be time for that person to go into care.

Getting Lost

Does your loved one get lost? During the day or at night? Do they tell you or act like they don’t know where they are? That’s one indication that they may not be able to remain at home.

Personal Hygiene

Does the person with Alzheimer’s or other dementia neglect their personal hygiene? Do they no longer bathe or change dirty clothes? Furthermore, is that person difficult or combative about bathing or putting on clean clothes? This is one indication that professionals may do a better job with the personal hygiene. Not all lay people know how to or even want to deal with this.


Sometimes those with dementia undergo significant changes in personality. Is your loved aggressive or rude? Are you ever afraid of him or her? This is a strong indicator that the person should no longer live at home. No one should live in fear. Help is available.

When a loved one has dementia, it is very hard on the family and friends. The Hamlets at Red Deer offers an assisted-living environment for those suffering from dementia. If you are having difficulty making the decision about whether your loved one should change living environments, then please contact us.

The Hamlets at Red Deer, located in Red Deer, Alberta, is at the forefront in the provision of services for those suffering from dementia in an assisted-living environment. The Hamlets at Red Deer has values based on tenets of Christianity and is committed to helping residents attain the highest physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

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