When moving into a residential care community in Red Deer, it is important to choose the right residential care home floor plan that will suit your needs. There are some considerations that should be made when choosing the right floor plan.

How Many Bedrooms?

The first primary consideration is whether one bedroom will suffice, or a two bedroom suite is a requirement. Do you plan to have guests come and stay with you? Will you be living with a spouse and want some separate space? While a second bedroom is a nice perk, the suite will be larger and cost more. If there is not a sound reason why a second bedroom is a necessity, consider going with a one bedroom option.

Studio or Separate Bedroom

If you have chosen to go with a one bedroom suite, the next consideration is whether you will want a studio, or a fully separate bedroom. Studio suites will be one large open room that has the kitchen, dining, living and sleeping areas all in the same space, with a separate walled off bathroom of course. If you are seeking more privacy for sleeping arrangements, then consider going with a 1 bedroom option that separates the sleeping area from the rest of the space.

Is a Den Required?

If you have opted for a studio suite, but want more space, then perhaps consider going with an option with a den. This small room gives you a space that can be private and closed off when guests are visiting. It can be a hobby or craft room, or used as a small office. A great option for those looking for some private usable space, but not needing it as a bedroom.

Would I prefer a Balcony?

You might also consider options that have a balcony attached to the suite. If you are the type of person who loves to wake up early and watch the sun rise, or sit in the late evening and watch it set on your balcony, then this may be a deal breaker.

These are the primary things to consider when choosing a floor plan for your suite at Hamlets Red Deer. The best thing you can do to help decide is to go and tour them yourself, and see exactly where you will be most happy residing in.