Nothing makes a person appreciate their health as much as a brush with sickness. We, as a society, have had one such scare with COVID-19. As we emerge into the post-pandemic world, we can choose which lessons to take away from this challenging time. Certainly, many people will want to go back immediately to the way it was before—but we should continue to exercise caution as we slowly move forward. For many people, the pandemic represents an opportunity to reassess what is most important to them.

Take Care of Your Body

Physical inactivity makes one vulnerable to more than just coronavirus. Studies show* that a sedentary lifestyle puts one at an elevated risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease—to name just a few. Getting a light to moderate dose of physical activity several times a week will pay dividends for your overall health, particularly when paired with a healthy diet. If the threat of COVID-19 made you appreciate your own health, then a healthy diet and occasional exercise are the best way to show your body some gratitude.

Mental Health Is Important Too!

With so many people isolated from their social supports, mental health has come to the forefront during the pandemic. A cheerful disposition is at least as important as staying physically fit—and awareness of mental health matters is on the rise, so nobody should ever feel stigmatized for reaching out. The best thing one can do is talk to someone, whether that’s a close friend, a loved one, or a mental health professional.

Appreciate Loved Ones

Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder! While many of us are eager to spend time with family and friends, we must remember that the transition to a post-pandemic world will be gradual; we are still in unfamiliar territory. In the meantime, remember this sentiment of appreciating your loved ones. Once things return to normal, if we can retain that sense of appreciation for one another, then the world will be a little better for having surmounted this challenge.

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