As Spring gets on, and the trees and flowers begin to bloom, it heralds the start of the allergy season. Millions of seniors are affected by allergies each year, and this is no different for those in senior living in Red Deer.

Allergies can bring many uncomfortable symptoms with them, including:

  • Itchy eyes and noses
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • plugged or running nose
  • fatigue and aches and pains

With the number of uncomfortable symptoms that allergies bring about, you will probably want to take precautions to limit your exposure and reduce the chance of symptoms leading to more severe illnesses such as sinus or respiratory infections.

Reduce Exposure

You want to reduce your exposure by keeping away from pollen whenever possible. You can achieve this by spending more time indoors and limiting outdoor times during times of heavy pollination. You also will want to keep your windows closed to prevent pollen from making its way into your living space.

Keep your Living Space Pure

If you have any air purifiers in your living space, make sure you replace the filter often. A clogged and dirty filter will constantly recycle pollen back into your environment. Also, do not leave clothing that may have come into contact with pollen or other allergens sitting out – ensure this is cleaned right away.

Find What Works for You

Most importantly, discover what works best for your allergies. Everyone is different, and no two allergies are the same. For some, medication might to help relieve symptoms. For other people, you may need to avoid all contaminants. For most seniors living in Red Deer, following the above tips should be enough to make for a happy, and healthy, spring.