It may not be obvious but participating in art and artistic activities is a great idea for seniors—and the rest of us. There are several reasons for this, and we’re going to discuss those reasons here.

Art and art classes gives us an outlet for creative expression. While many of us are under the mistaken impression that artists are born with their talent, much of someone’s artistic talent is a learned skill. So, talent can be unleashed and nurtured at any age, even for someone with no experience.

Benefits of Participating in Art

The benefits of participating in art for seniors are numerous.


Artistic activities such as painting or drawing or working with clay can exercise the brain and help to form new neural development as well as strengthen connections that already exist. Any activities that promote development in the ageing brain are beneficial and take advantage of the brain plasticity that we all have.


Art activities can always offer a means of expression for those who may have some limitations because of medical problems. Stiff joints or lack of dexterity don’t matter when you are creating something symbolic. Art can offer seniors a freedom of expression that nothing else can match.

Sensory Stimulation

Art is wonderful means of sensory stimulation and an exciting activity for seniors. Art classes or activities allow for an interesting indoor activity which is especially important now that the weather is getting colder in western Canada and outdoor activities become more limited.

The benefits of art activities are significant even if the seniors have medical or mobility issues. We strongly encourage offering art classes or art activities for the ageing population. Art nurtures creativity, it’s stimulating, and it relieves boredom, as well.

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