The time and decision on when to move a loved one in dementia care in Red Deer can be a difficult one. There is not one right answer on when to make this transition, but once you have decided that it is time, here are some tips on how to transition a parent to a dementia care community.

Plan Some Visits to Dementia Care Communities Beforehand

If your parent is hesitant about making this change, it might be a good idea to bring them to visit the care community you are looking into. Try to make this visit a very positive one, by finding a time when an event is taking place, or perhaps during a meal. Showing a positive social atmosphere can help with any transitional worries.

Make a List of Physical and Emotional Needs

Before completing the transition of a parent into a dementia care community, it is important to make a list of care needs that can be shared with the community staff. This list should include things like:

  • Dietary Needs
  • Medications and Health Care Needs
  • Daily Life Assistance
  • Hobbies and Enjoyments
  • Religious Provisions

By making staff aware of these and other possible needs, they will better be able to not only support and take care of, but find ways to make your parent feel even more welcome.

Make the New Room Familiar

The transition could be very tough for someone living with dementia, and an unfamiliar place could even be “scary”. With this in mind, you might consider a gradual transition into the home. Also, make sure you prepare the new space with familiar objects and recognizable keepsakes, as this can help to make it more familiar.

This can be a difficult time for a parent with dementia, but also can be emotionally difficult for you. Remember that you are helping to make this transition because of a desire to help your parent receive the care that they need. Feeling guilty is normal, and if this feeling persists make sure you seek out counseling or other sources of help.

Remember to plan ahead and be prepared. The transition of a loved to dementia care communities in Red Deer can be eased by following these simple tips.