Vision, Mission, Values


To be a community where every person, regardless of age, race, creed, social status, physical or mental capacity, is valued for and loved as a precious image bearer of God, and by striving to provide a culture centred on compassion, love and hope in order for each individual to enjoy their true health and happiness.


Developing and operating communities of care focused on providing quality outcomes in a safe environment through innovation and responsiveness to the changing needs of those placed under our guardianship.


Quality of Life

We believe that individuals are inherently precious, and are committed to supporting a person’s attainment of the highest physical, mental and spiritual well being possible.

Loving Care

We love and care for each individual with the same esteem and affection that we reserve for our most cherished friends or family members.

Honouring Individuals

We are committed to the development of self esteem, self confidence and trust in a community that fosters mutual respect, trust, teamwork and open communication for everyone.


We conduct all activities to the best of our individual and collective ability, demonstrated by our high regard for truthfulness and honesty. It is importance of not only knowing the right thing to do, but doing the right thing.

Shared Responsibility

We believe in a coordinated approach to the delivery of quality health care services that transcends individual accomplishments, yet maintains individual accountability toward the common goal.

Sanctity of Life

Our organization is guided by the tenets of our Christian faith that upholds the sanctity of life, no matter what stage of life. Given that our beliefs are contrary to the intentions of Medical Assistance in Dying, such provision of death will not be permitted on our premises.