For people and families who are suffering from dementia or who have a loved one with dementia, you are probably aware of the need for the specialized care that is required. If not, keep reading to learn about dementia care in Red Deer, and how it is unique.

Unique Challenges

One of the challenges faced by dementia caregivers is the possibility of confusion about time or place that may be exhibited by a person with dementia. With this in mind, staff at dementia care communities are trained to handle and respond appropriately to this behavior, such as by having tasks or activities ready to go that direct attention away from this and to a more positive behavior.

The staff at a dementia care community are also trained to act appropriately should they be faced with aggressive behavior or speech. Often, this involves identifying the cause of what is bringing on this aggression, and working to once again shift focus away from this to a more positive activity or behavior.

Respect and Dignity

At the core of dementia care is a sense of respect and dignity. Dementia is a devastating illness for not only the person suffering from it, but also their family and loved ones. Recognizing this, and always acting appropriately, patiently and respectfully is therefore at the core of every interaction in a dementia care community. The number one priority is allowing the residents to keep their sense of dignity.