Although the pandemic has presented us with some scary headlines, there are multiple reasons why now is a great time to consider an assisted-living community. The Hamlets at Red Deer has taken every precaution to ensure that our residents and staff continue to remain safe during these times. With that in mind, life at The Hamlets has some considerable advantages to life at home—not in spite of the pandemic, but because of it.

Support Of A Community

Quarantine can be a lonely and isolating experience during the pandemic—but it need not be so. The Hamlets has a welcoming community of caregivers and residents. Although we have social distancing measures in place, it has not stifled our sense of community. In fact, it has strengthened our resolve, because together we will get through this. Inclusion in this community is just one of the perks of assisted living at The Hamlets.

Planned Activities

Our calendar of events helps to ensure that our residents keep active, healthy, and engaged. Living on one’s own, it may sometimes be hard to muster the motivation to tackle these forms of self-care, but at The Hamlets, activities are no chore! Our residents look forward to these events as a time to get together and socialize while staying fit.

Caring Staff

The Hamlets have staff onsite 24/7, available to assist, help prevent, and quickly respond to medical needs. Our residents can rest at ease knowing that they’re in good hands.

Relaxed Lifestyle

Our amenities and our services combine to offer a stress-free lifestyle. There’s no need to worry about cooking, errands, or going out—if you so choose—but these options are always available too. There are stoves and kitchenettes in most suites, communal ovens, and two buses available for recreation and scheduled events.

For these reasons and more, The Hamlets at Red Deer are a great option—especially during the pandemic. Our community, our staff, and our relaxed lifestyle help to ensure that even in stressful times, our residents can enjoy the good life.

The Hamlets at Red Deer, located in Red Deer, Alberta, is at the forefront in the provision of services for those suffering from dementia in an assisted-living environment. The Hamlets at Red Deer has values based on tenets of Christianity and is committed to helping residents attain the highest physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about our Red Deer community, please call us at (403) 986-1250.