We are living in uncertain times. There is a pandemic happening that most of us have never seen before. And in Canada we are taking extra precautions with our seniors, who are among the most vulnerable populations facing COVID-19.

However, it’s possible that seniors are actually better equipped to deal with uncertainty than the rest of us. In this blog article we’re going to explore why that is.


Our seniors have survived to whatever age they are. That means that they have already exhibited a certain fortitude and ability to face and overcome many trials and tribulations.

Seniors may not have lived through a pandemic before—although some may remember the Spanish flu pandemic between 1918 and 1920—but they have already lived through many hardships, changes in government, wars, and personal challenges. 


Age hopefully comes with wisdom. This is why in many cultures the senior population is revered. They know more than us about almost everything.

They may remember what it was like before the telephone or before electric street lamps. They may have known life before penicillin or before the polio vaccine.

For many seniors, they may be less shocked than we are at COVID-19 because they have known what it was like to live with everyday difficulties.

Talk to the seniors that you know. They may have an entirely different perspective than you do, and they may give you strength.

If you don’t know any seniors, then seek them out. Hear their stories. Many of them have led fascinating and complex lives. You just may learn something valuable that will help you cope with the uncertain world today.

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